Drawing of the Day – 0131 – Dessin du jour

“The crossing – Le passage”

Ink on Paper 7.5×11″ (18x28cm) Encre sur Papier
Drawing of the Day  available for CDN $ 99
Dessin du jour  disponibles au prix de 99 $ CAD

3 thoughts on “Drawing of the Day – 0131 – Dessin du jour

  1. gtb

    this is the most meaningful of all the drawings i’ve seen to date frank. so many “goodbye’s” and “hello’s” at so many levels of our existence. like most effective and profound analogy’s this is very simply illustrated. thanks amigo. i feel like we’re in the boat together.

  2. GuS

    Oops, I wrote a comment, but when I went to send it, it disappeared on its way across the ocean. Smile :-)

  3. Otto Song

    …disappeared on it’s way across the ocean… how very like this drawing itself. And yes, we are all in the same boat, making this voyage, alone together, we hope, with joy

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