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Drawing of the Day – 0218 – Dessin du jour

“Cruise ship welcome – L’accueil du bateau de croisière”

Ink on Paper 7.5×11″ (18x28cm) Encre sur Papier
Drawing of the Day  available for CDN$ 150 (125€)
Dessin du jour
  disponible au prix de 125€ (150 $CAD)

We are on the eve of our departure for France and my first exhibition in Europe, at the Toursky Theater in Marseille. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, the 13th of October, from 3:00 – 5:00, and the show itself will run through to the 10th of November. Thousands of people pass through the Toursky Theater, so the art is going to get a lot of attention. This is a landmark exhibit for me, being an introduction to the European art world, a chance for all to have a look at the work I am doing, and will be the first in what will be many exhibits in France and throughout Europe.

The exhibition will consist of paintings, drawings and collage, some of which have been prepared especially for the occasion and others taken from a rich inventory of work. See below for a sample of the art that can be seen.

If you are passing through southern France over the next month, be sure to drop in for a look. If anybody you know is planning on being in Marseille at this time, please let them know about my show. You can pass on this notice, plus links to my website, and don’t forget the ‘Drawing of the Day, which will be continuing, even while I’m on holidays.

“The Spirit Alights”

“Nine Inukshuk”

“Love Boat”

“Mother and child”


“Fishing with light”

“The new family”

“Lady of the marsh”

“The origin of ocean currents”