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Expo Marseille

About one month ago, October 13 to be exact, was the date of the reception for my show at the Toursky Theatre in Marseille, France. A great turnout, and good sales, made the entire undertaking worthwhile.

28 pieces under glass, a combination of collages and drawings, made up the bulk of the show. Two large paintings, ‘Primavera’ and ‘When in love’ were hung at opposite ends of the hall, presiding over the space. In addition, 11 more drawings, mounted on cardboard, were on display in the back for the reception only.

We had a lot of help getting the show set up, family and friends all pitched in to do the framing, helped in transportation, getting the show hung, providing refreshments, and so much more. We all had a lot of fun despite the hard work.

The reactions of the people who came were encouraging. As well as being enthusiastic about the works on display, they exhibited a high degree of interest in the work, asking probing questions about the meaning behind various images, and displaying a willingness to discuss mythology and poetry, as well as inquiring about methods and techniques. One had the feeling that the work on display was like a great dinner, the energy was high, and the work was being savored by everyone. All in all, it bodes well for an eventual move to France, as some good contacts came out of all this; a lot of people are impatient to see more of my work. Some large paintings, as well as the remaining works from the show are staying in Marseille and will be available for viewing (for information, contact me) .

I will leave you with some pictures from the opening:

Lobby – Theatre Toursky

Main staircase – myself and the theatre director

View of the installation

Talking with the guests

Enjoying the exhibition

Explaining the meaning behind a piece

Nadine entertains the guests

Enjoying the drawing “Invitation to the forest”