Drawing of the Day – 0275 – Dessin du jour

“High over our heads – Là-haut au dessus de nous”

Ink on Paper 7.5×11″ (18x28cm) Encre sur Papier
Drawing of the Day available for CDN $ 99
Dessin du jour disponibles au prix de 99 $ CAD

One thought on “Drawing of the Day – 0275 – Dessin du jour

  1. GuS44am4

    Is this what we in Norway call a ‘leap buck’ (maybe that’s what you call it , too)? And why is the female pressing her fist into the male’s abdomen? Did he want to kill the animal, but she wants to prevent it? Lots of questions entered my head looking at this picture, Frank. Is there a deeper meaning behind it? Very good drawing, as usual. :)

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