Drawing of the Day – 0345 – Dessin du jour

“Alone with the sun – Seule avec le soleil”

Mixed Media on Paper 7.5×11″ (18x28cm) Technique mixte sur Papier
Drawing of the Day  available for CDN$ 150 (125€)
Dessin du jour
  disponible au prix de 125€ (150 $CAD)

2 thoughts on “Drawing of the Day – 0345 – Dessin du jour

  1. GuS44am4

    Each person their own sun – that would be something. No more freezing, and lots of vitamin D all year long. It looks like the person in the picture enjoys herself in her wooden nest with the sun keeping her warm and snug. I can see you’re quite fascinated by trees and forests, Frank. :)

  2. gtb

    francois, of all the great art you create i think my favorite is the stuff with trees and jungle. it’s brilliant. i keep these on my desktop as screensavers so i’m looking at your work all the time amigo.
    thank you!

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