Drawing of the Day – 448 – Dessin du jour

“The known universe – L’univers connu”

Mixed Media on Paper 7.5×11″ (18x28cm) Technique mixte sur Papier
Drawing of the Day  available for CDN $ 99
Dessin du jour
  disponibles au prix de 99 $ CAD

5 thoughts on “Drawing of the Day – 448 – Dessin du jour

  1. Gurlie Skjerven

    A little hard to see the details, but I get the gist of if, and it looks very good – both from an artistic view and as an expresion. Like the shape, too. :)

  2. gtb

    so brilliant frank. i love the greater message, the smaller picture leading us to realize there’s a much bigger picture we don’t yet see.

  3. Frank

    We live in this small constrained universe that we believe to be infinite (a paradoxical thought), as you say, without a clue of what lies beyond.

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