Drawing of the Day – 452 – Dessin du jour

“The return of blackberries – Le retour des mûres”

Ink on Paper 7.5×11″ (18x28cm) Encre sur Papier
Drawing of the Day  available for CDN $ 99
Dessin du jour
  disponibles au prix de 99 $ CAD

3 thoughts on “Drawing of the Day – 452 – Dessin du jour

  1. Di Goulet

    Les mures mûres de certaines il faut s’en méfier. Tout comme certains murmures. Elles attirent pour mieux piquer et faire mal jusqu’à l’âme. On en fait la découverte une fois pris dedans. Beau et douloureux dessin.

  2. Gurlie Skjerven

    I hope she doesn’t get stung by the thorns. If not, I’m sure she’ll has a wonderful, wallowing in the blackberries of the season. What more can a person want? Looks like she’s really enjoying it, too. Beautiful drawing! :)

  3. Elaine

    Lovely drawing Frank! Reminds me of my brother who landed up in the middle of the blackberry hedge after falling off a careering toboggan – no blackberries in winter but lots of prickles! Thats probably why he didn’t look nearly as happy and gleeful as she does! :-)

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